Happy Housing Day!
Adams Cabot Currier Dunster Eliot Kirkland
Leverett Lowell Mather Pforzheimer Quincy Winthrop

I love Winthrop because through it I made the best friends a girl could ask for :) Throplove for life!




I love Quincy House because qommunity means eighty fellow penguins gathering in the JCR to watch FRQZEN with gooey mozz sticks and singing to the top of our lungs when Let It Go happened <3 Much love, Q.

Winthrop is Community

I love Winthrop because of the close community. As a previous co-chair and IM rep, it has been wonderfrul for me to see how much house events and house IMs can not only generate house spirit, but kindle friendships within the house. While each house boasts what they do best, I think Winthrop has a great community that is both welcoming and inclusive.

I love Lowell

Because this is where I belong. We are a house, a home, a family. There is so much support here. The tutors and advisers are amazing in reaching out to us for any sort of help, Dean Casey is so kind, and the house masters are just plain AWESOME. Tea time rules. I love my single room as sophomore, but I also love seeing my roommates everyday.

The people here reach out to one another to make new friends. Bacchanalia is a blast. Yule Ball is glam. and the dining hall staff already knew who I was after the first month. We’re tight. 

I love walking out of my door and seeing the beauty of Lowell courtyard everyday. I feel safe walking back late at night, because of the close proximity from the square. Lowell was always my dream house, even when I toured Harvard as a high schooler.

I <3 my Lowell home.

I love Winthrop because…

The people of Winthrop are an outstanding and spectacular community to grow with and learn from. I love eating meals with everyone in our dining hall and chatting with tutors and students alike. We really do feel like family.

I love Lowell because Lowell loves me.

Caitlin, our Resident Dean, and Dorothy and Diana genuinely care about the well being of each Lowellian. They do everything they can to make Lowell a happy place! I never feel lost when I’m in Lowell; I feel like I’m at home.

… because Mather is only ugly from the outside! 

I came in like a wrecking ball…

Oh, wait , that doesn’t happen to Winthrop for another 2 years. 

Well, I’m glad that I can still come in on a tire swing :)

I love Currier because sap is thicker than blood

I transferred to Currier because whenever I came here, the sense of community was palpable. I still remember my first Currioke. I felt like I knew and loved everyone there. When we all sang “Don’t Stop Believing” and put our arms around each other, it wasn’t a surprise. It was a culmination of everything that was already true. You should fear the tree because we stick together, and bonds like that are hard to fight.


I LOVE Dunster because when I walk through the double doors into the courtyard as the sun sets on the Charles, I am home. Dunster is an incredible community—late nights in the d-hall with delirious friends and home baked snacks from our amazing house masters, our rocking Stein Clubs that are actually SO fun, our fantastic HoCo events—from the hoedown throw down to the goat roast to the community nights in the courtyard—our beautiful Crimson bell tower, and the promise that I’ll see a ton of wonderful, familiar faces every time I step outside my door. The moose life is amazing; and I genuinely enjoy the chance to pass through Quincy and Lev en route home each day. Dunster is just the BEST. Hope you join our Dunster family come Housing Day! <3

Cabot ‘16.

I love Cabot because of its vibrant community. When else will the House mascot show up to surprise you? 

Loving the Harvard community as a whole <3

I love Quincy because its at the heart of everything!

I can eat brunch with my blockmates, sing and play piano with my friends, bake delicious cookies, have board meetings, work out in the morning — all without leaving my Home :)

I Love Dunster

- hot peoples
- good grub
- nice friends
- moose

I love Cabot because

These two people create a community unlike any other. These are our housemasters, Rakesh and Stephanie, dancing in the Cabot housing day video (Happy). They are the most supportive, generous, loving people, and they truly encourage everyone in the house to follow their own passions, whatever they may be. I didn’t really think I would fit in to Cabot when I was a freshmen and got put in the house. I assumed the worst…but  looking back on it I just had no idea what house life was like and was scared that I didn’t get put in one of the houses that was so outwardly spirited that it must be “the best.” Little did I know that Cabot would be a place I would love coming home to! Cabot doesn’t need to convince people we’re awesome, cause if you’re in Cabot, you just get it. Not only is every night in the dhall community night (seriously though…basically no one other than quadlings, dancers, or people with rehearsal in the Quad eat dinner in the quad), but Rakesh and Stephanie encourage everyone to be honest when they need help, support others when others need someone to lean on, and just to be our creative, wild, awesome, Cabot-loving selves! Everytime I walk into the dining hall, Stephanie is there having a heart-to-heart with someone, or Rakesh is checking in with a group of students. They’re always around and ready to talk about any ideas, no matter how big or how small. That willingness, openness, and love is why I love Cabot!